Sockettes for the Summer!

Simple, cute, quick to complete, knit one day, wear the next! Sockettes are perfect when you want to wear something light on your feet and let you legs feel a breeze. Sockettes are a travel friendly project, that you can style with any summer footwear.

© Felicity Ward

Sail Away Socks

by Felicity Ward

Suggested Yarn: Colour Story Yarn or Alegria Manos

“Of course, when on holiday it’s essential to have a sock knitting project with me that I can take out and about with me and work on wherever we sit to take in the view – a simple ‘vanilla’ pattern is so easy to work on you can almost knit it without looking, perfect for taking in the view while you knit!”

– by Felicity Ward

© Emma Ceviz

Cottony Summer Socks

by Emma Ceviz

Suggested Yarn: Gedifra or Lana MIa Cotone

This is a pattern for ankle short socks. With the given measurement chart the pattern can easily be adjusted both up and down in sizes and length to fit your preference.

by Emma Ceviz

© Joji Locatelli

Flying Birds Shorties

by Joji Locatelli

Suggested Yarn: Cascade Heritage Yarn

© Tracie Millar

Georgia Socks

by Tracie Millar

Suggested Yarn: Pro Lana Sockenwolle Uni

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