Quarantine Tools of the Trade

All Strung Out Fine Yarns - Yarn Winding

Ball Winder

What is it?

With a clamp that secures the ball winder to a table, and a swift that holds and extends a hank of yarn, you can tame those unruly fibres and create what we call a ‘cake’. 

Why Do I Need It?

Many yarns come in skeins, or hanks, and are unknittable until wound properly.  Unlike a hand-wound ball, a ‘cake’ has a flat bottom that stabilizes the yarn, and the option of center-pulling the yarn, which can be a vital distinction.  In addition, our store can no longer wind cakes for customers, so this equipment that once seemed like a luxury, is now a necessity!

What We Suggest

Our local, handmade swifts disassemble and are multi-purposed.
Estelle Umbrella Swift is a traditional design and practical.


Wool Wash

What is it?

Euclan is a non-toxic, low sudsing, no rinse, lanolin conditioning wash for wool items and hand-knits.

Why Do I Need it?

Euclan is the perfect non-soap for caring for your hand knit items.  Any other soaps or detergents are too harsh for wool, llama, alpaca, yak, merino, cashmere, possum, silk or linen. Rather than damage these fibres, invest in a safe, effective, eco-friendly wash.

What we Suggest


Blocking Tools

What is it?

Blocking pins, Wires, and Blockers are used to ‘block’’ your newly finished project. 

Why Do I Need it?

After the Euclan rinse it’s necessary to carefully lay out, straighten, perhaps even stretch your item.  These tools will help.  Effective blocking can take an item from home-made, to hand-maid.

What We Suggest

Mindful Blocking Kit

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