July Newsletter

Featured Pattern Pairing

Paint Pan Socks by Wendy Staples
Paint Pan Socks by Wendy Staples

Paint Pan Socks

by Wendy Staples

“This sock is worked cuff-down as a “tube” with decreased toes and afterthought heels. The sock uses one main color yarn and calls for a variety of scrap yarns (2g-3g each, a great stash buster!)”

Colour Story Handpainted Yarns
Colour Story Handpainted Yarns

Colour Story Sock Yarn

Estelle Yarns

Not only does colour story provide a quick saturated colour change, perfect for those sock swatches. It’s also made out of the softest combination of Superwash wool, nylon and polymaid wool, making it machine washable and long lasting. 

What I’m Knitting

Jill. K

The Pattern:
Rock It Tee by Tanis Lavallee

The Yarn:
KFI Collection Indulgence Fingering (Fort de Pierre #01) 
Rico Essentials (Ice #002)

“Tanis fiber arts, a wonderful Canadian designer and yarn dyer made the knitting world an offer that couldn’t be refused… this summer tee begged me to knit it! I chose a gentle neutral grey mix and softened it even more with the ‘barley there’ mohair for the coordinating stripe. The pattern is intuitive, easy and fun! I can’t wait to wear it!”
– Jill . K

Trends in Technique!

Mixing Yarn

There are tons of reasons one would choose to mix yarns. One of the more popular reasons is New trends for yarn are often born in Europe and migrate here to our market. There is a lot of buzz on fuzz! Mohair Silk can be added any other yarn and voila…a yarn with your own signature has been created. By introducing a fluffy partner to a basic yarn, a knitter can shade or enhance colours, modify the texture or ‘hand’ of the knitted item. You may have noticed that many designers are either blending mohair with other yarns, held double, or juggling sections of mohair and then a basic yarn, both with stunning results. Many knitters and crocheters are incorporating this principle in their own way, taking basic patterns and “texturizing” to their hearts content. We are definitely disciples of this trend and encourage everyone to follow along!