Happy Thanksgiving

To Our Tight Knit Family,

For us at All Strung Out, this Thanksgiving is special by no exaggeration. In a year reputably known for it’s misfortune, we want to remind ourselves of the happy moments sprinkled throughout half of these tragedies – in a world embracing change.

We’re thankful for our customers and the kindness we receive everyday. For the patience and perseverance to keep each other safe.

We’re thankful for the craft community. For your passion and excitement in the name of creativity.

We’re thankful for our time together. From a distance or through a screen. Every second counts, every word has meaning.

And we thank you – to whomever is reading this. Thank you for supporting us, for supporting local business and sharing your love for knitting and crochet. It’s safe to say growth is an uncomfortable process, and pain is a necessary investment for progress. We take this opportunity to better ourselves, better each other and care for one another.

“Hard times but never resentment, we stay forever relentless.”

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving,

– All Strung Out

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