Free Knitting and Crochet Easter Projects

All Strung Out brings you adorable free DIY Knitting and Crochet Easter Projects. Check out our selection of adorable bunnies and eggs you can finish right in time for Easter!

Easter Knitting

Bunny Got Back Socks
Knitted Easter Socks 
by Amy Gunderson

Bunny Got Back Socks

by Amy Gunderson

I Like, Warm, Toes and I cannot lie!  You other knitters can’t deny!  When you go toe up with a little short cuff And a cottontail full of fluff


Knitted Easter Bunny
by Claire Garland

Easter Bunny

by: Claire Garland

If you’re looking for a craft project, I have just the thing! Claire has kindly shared her free pattern to knit a baby bunny with all the details you need to make one yourself. Or make a whole family of them and fill your home with adorable knitted loveliness!

Knitted Easter Eggs
by Emily Kintigh

Easter Eggs

by Emily Kintigh

These adorable eggs are quick and easy to knit. They use very little yarn which makes them a great stash buster project. Each finished egg measures about 2.5 inches long and about 6 inches around. They make great Easter basket stuffers, decorations, or toys. Enjoy!

Easter Crochet

Crochet Classic Easter Basket
by Rebecca Langford

Classic Easter Basket

by Rebecca Langford

The Classic Easter Basket features simple, modern surface stitching and utilizes my plastic canvas method for stiffening the sides.

Crochet Floral Easter Bunny
by Zoe Bartley

Floral Easter Bunny

by Zoe Bartley

Welcome to my free Easter Bunny pattern!This pattern will show you not only how to make a cute bunny, but also a variety of flowers for his miniature flower crown.

Crochet Chicken Eggs - Easter Egg - Amigurumi
by Kristi Tullus

Chicken Eggs – Easter Egg – Amigurumi

by Kristi Tullus

Make yourself some colorful Easter eggs to decorate your house, go egg hunting with your toddlers or make a colorful basketful to give as a gift. Or use a white or brown yarn for a more realistic-looking play food.

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