Crochet for Valentines Day!

Lovely Decor

Heart Nesting Baskets
by: Sonya Blackstone

These Heart Nesting Baskets are so cute and they can be displayed all year long. They can be made in any home decor color scheme for added fun. These baskets can also be made with any hook and yarn size to change the finishing size of the baskets.

Yarn: Cascade 220 or Briggs and Little Heritage

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Photo Credits to Cindy Hopper

Heart Garland
by: Cindy Hopper

These crochet hearts work together quickly! In no time you can have a bunch of hearts. Just vary the size of hook and type of yarn to make different sized hearts. 

Cindy Hopper

Yarn: Cascade Ultra Pima

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Photo Credits to Atty van Norel

Heart Coaster
by: Atty van Norel

Fast and simple. Great little gift. I tied one to a bottle of wine for a hostess gift for a Valentine’s Day dinner party.


Yarn: Berroco Vintage

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Photo Credits to Juli Anne

Candy Heart Pillow
by: Juli Anne

These little Valentine’s Day treats are well known to many. Even if you’ve never had one of these candies, you might have seen or heard of them. Especially around Valentines Day, these sweet treats have become a hallmark of the season.

Juli Anne

Yarn: Berroco vintage or Berroco Ultra wool

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Photo Credits to One Dog Woof Website

Heart Cup Cozy
by: ChiWei Ranck

Just a fun and simple heart cup cozy to wrap a drink with love. Depending on the size of the cup, you may need to go up a hook size. This is also a great project for scrap yarns!

ChiWei Ranck

Yarn: Berroco Vintage or Berroco Ultra Wool

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Photo Credits to Tanya Eberhardt

Valentines Crochet Notebook Sweater
by: Tanya Eberhardt

 I really love stationery items! I love having notebooks lying around or in my bag so as to write down everything; from my daily schedule, blog post schedules or even ideas that pop into my head when talking a walk or drinking coffee!

Tanya Eberhardt

Yarn: Cascade Friday Harbour or Ella Rae Rustic Aran

**Try mixing in Rico Essentials for a fuzzy

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Photo Credits to © Kinga Erdem, My Hobby is Crochet

Heart & Sole Slippers
by Kinga Erdem

These pretty and cozy heart slippers are crocheted using post stitches, that create a thick and warm knit-look texture. They are quick and easy to work up; you can crochet them up in a couple of hours. This pattern could become your ‘go-to’ slipper pattern!

Kinga Erdem

Yarn: Estelle Superwash merino DK

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